Sunday, February 11, 2007

Pilot Watch with Slide Rule

Simple but elegant mechanical calculator

Most geeks have probably heard legends about "the good old days" down in the mathematical trenches doing battle against physics equations armed with only a pencil and their trusty slide rule. But in case you aren't familiar with these stories, the slide rule is a simple but elegant mechanical calculator that can be used for rapid, approximate scientific and engineering calculations. By the 1970s it was made obsolete for most purposes by the electronic calculator. In some ways this is unfortunate, since electronic calculators simply produce a number and remove the user from the sense of scale and precision of calculation that comes from using a slide rule.

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This watch from Torgoen will allow you to step back in time a little bit. Featuring a circular slide rule that can solve time, distance and speed equations, it can also perform a wide variety of calculations. These include currency conversions, multiplication and division and any conversion of a linear nature such as ounces to grams, kilograms to pounds, miles to kilometers, etc.
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