Friday, December 14, 2007

Horizon Home Theater

Razor Sharp Sound! Razor Sharp Looks! Home Entertainment Will Never be the Same at Your Home or Office Again.

The Razor Home Entertainment System is not just for sound. It’s an experience! You will feel the difference. The powerful sound. The Razor sharp design fits perfectly with your plasma or LCD wall mounted television. You’ll be amazed by the sheer class and functionality of the Razor Sound System with built in DVD player. Stop your friends and family in their tracks when they see this beauty as the centerpiece of your new entertainment system. Watch their jaws drop when they hear the power of the premium sound. The Razor Sound System is the perfect way to experience the power of theater sound in the comfort of your home theater.

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The Razor Sound System is built to impress. Its classy wooden cabinet houses a powerful subwoofer, front speakers, and center speakers which combine to deliver a clean high frequency and deep bass. Fine tune the bass and treble functions to bring out the rich resonance. The sensation you get when feeling the high quality sound will truly give you the complete home theater experience.





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