Sunday, February 10, 2008

Horntones MP3 Automod

You're in a left-turn lane, waiting for the light to change. In front of you, a young male who needlessly modifies his Honda Civic is busily attenuating the 15Hz on his electric-blue graphical EQ. In front of him, a businessman catches up on his reading by propping the annual report across the steering wheel. In front of him, an elderly lady inexorably falls asleep. The light turns green - you have seconds to make it through the light before you miss the cycle, but nobody's moving. You could lay on your horn, but that anemic whimper wouldn't get anybody's attention. With a grin, you reach to a small gray box on your dashboard, and press button number four.

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With a mirror rattling bellow, a steam whistle blasts forth from your car, instantly jarring alert every slowass in front of you. They get moving, and you make it through the light, just as it turns yellow.





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