Monday, August 25, 2008

USB Desktop Speakers

Crystal USB Desktop Speakers come in many forms - diamonds, quartz, snowflakes and even common salt - and sometimes exhibit interesting special properties. Quartz crystals are piezoelectric and can also be used as an oscillator, taking advantage of the natural resonant frequency of the quartz crystal. These Crystal USB Desktop Speakers have some interesting properties of their own, most notably the ability to output crystal clear audio frequencies. They also look intriguing, certain to attract admirers to your desk.

USB Desktop Speakers

The Crystal USB Desktop Speakers are the smallest audiophile performance stereo USB speakers available for PCs and Notebooks. Each of the speakers is rated at 1 Watt per channel and are compatible with USB 2.0. The acoustically engineered technology is designed to direct sound waves towards an adjacent chamber. As the high frequency sound waves are shorter than the length of the chamber, the phase difference between the in-coming sound wave and the speaker driver diaphragm approaches 0 degrees. This allows the driver to respond more rapidly to the higher range shorter signals. Conversely, as the wavelength of the base notes is much longer than the chamber, the phase difference approaches 180 degrees. And as the diaphragm is 'dampened' for the base notes, it delivers a more pronounced low to mid range sound and thereby improves the cohesive audio experience.





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