Sunday, April 4, 2010

Rovio - WIFI Roaming Bot

Rovio - WIFI Roaming Bot is a robotic webcam with microphone and speaker for 2-way audio. This wi-fi connected bad little bot will stream video and audio to your favorite web-enabled browser anywhere in the world! Use your PC, your MAC, your iPhone, even your PS3 to control Rovio. 

In this way meat-bags will have the illusion of control over the machine. Drive the bot around the house, take pictures of the family and e-mail them to friends. All this can be done from thousands of miles away. Every human family should own a Rovio. This way the machines will be able to see and hear everything you do. Rather meat bags will be able see and hear everything other mea tbags do. If you like new communication toy, just take this Roaming Bot.





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