Thursday, June 10, 2010

TV Clean Electronic Duster

How many screens do you come across on a daily basis? You roll over in the morning and grab your smartphone to do a quick review of your in-box to see if anything exciting happened overnight. While noshing on your Tribbles n'Bits cereal, you catch the weather and traffic on TV. Then it's off to work, where you probably spend 8 hours staring at a monitor. A quick trip to the gym gets that cardio out of the way while studying zombie flicks on your iPod.

Back home, you relax in front of the TV again to catch your favorite shows. That's a lot of screens - how many of them are clean? How many have a film of dead skin cells settled on them? If you're anything like us, you're probably searching for a safe and effective way to keep those screens sparkling clean. The TV Clean uses a NASA-formulated rubber pick-up roller which acts like a magnet for dust and lint particles.

Roll it gently across your screen and it'll remove loose particles down to 1 micron in size. How small is a micron? Freakin' tiny. You can't see particles smaller than 15 microns. A second, adhesive roll behind the rubber roller cleans the rubber roller of its particles, capturing them so they never return. No streaks, no scratches, no stickiness, and no cleaning chemicals that could hurt your precious monitors. Use it on all of your windows to the world for the ultimate in pixel perfection.





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