Friday, April 27, 2012

iPhone 5: What to Expect?

There is a lot going on about the next iPhone that is supposed to be shipped sometime this year. People are speculating everything they can about the device, right from its name to its design. This has created a sense of confusion among users as some sources are more reliable than the other but then their claims are also quite forward reaching.

On following various credible sources from over the internet, I found that some assumed features are common in different sources which led me to believe them to be true.
Here is a list of features that you can expect from the new iPhone:
  • The most probable name for the next iPhone is the “New iPhone” instead of the popular “iPhone 5”.
  • Use of Liquid Metal technology, a technology which increases the performance and endurance of metal by making it stronger and lighter and which is being used for the first time in a phone.
  • A larger 4-inch screen, which essentially will reduce the PPI of the screen but it’ll still be more than the new iPad.
  • Will employ the A5X processor.
  • Compatible with 4G
  • No home button, you will probably find a touch button for that too.
  • Wireless charging through a Japanese device known as GETPOWERPAD Qi 1 which can be used to juice up a variety of electronic devices.
  • Aluminium unibody construction will replace the glass back of the iPhone 4.
  • Increase in RAM from 512 Mb to 1 Gb.
  • Thickness estimated to be less than 8 mm, due to the new in-cell technology through which they have scrapped a few millimeters.
  • Retina Display, like the new iPad.
 Although these features aren’t officially confirmed by Apple, they’ve been discussed by popular techies all over the world. A lot of  iphone app development companies are also waiting to see the changes that Apple brings about in order to develop applications in accordance with the new features and specifications. Better display, faster processor means that heavier applications can run on the small device making it ever so powerful and hence, functional.

Apart for the few hardware changes, we are yet to come across some revolutionary feature like the Siri, the virtual assistant that was introduced in the iPhone 4S. There is one thing we can be sure of though. The technology at Apple’s research and development center is reaching places at a healthy rate, which means that the new iPhone 5 will surely have something extra to offer.

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