Tuesday, November 18, 2014

New Home Gadgets: Make Your House Just a Little Smarter

As you continue to live in a fast-paced world, the need to live life more conveniently becomes essential. Nothing lets you live better than new generation home gadgets. These gadgets are the keys to making life simpler every day, even if things get complicated.

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Find out how you can make the most out of using these home accessories, just the way you’ve always wanted.

A Monitored Home Lock

A monitored lock keeps your home safe 24/7 the easy way. A home lock for your door locks and unlocks instantly when you press it gently with your finger. Virtual keys and an activity monitor system should be available to safeguard your lock against intruders. You can easily access these systems online via the Kevo app. Take note that features integrated within the Kevo app are sophisticatedly secured. Rest assured that intruders and others with evil intentions won’t be able to easily hack security information stored virtually from your Kevo account.

A Cookware that Comes with a Remote Control

A new, yet extraordinarily convenient way of cooking is just around the corner. A cookware that comes with a smartphone monitored controller is available for your convenience.

Press the keys on your smartphone to modify or adjust the temperature your food is being cooked in. By using your cookware’s smartphone remote control, you can do these other things, too:

-Modify your cookware’s settings and cooking time.

-Get reminders.

-Operate your cookware’s timer.

-Get updates with regards to cooking status.

Do all of the things enumerated above successfully even when you’re not located within the premises of your home.

Your Home is Visible Even from Afar

A new kind of surveillance camera is yours for the taking. A multiple features in one virtual surveillance camera lets you view your home even from afar. This camera also contains sound detection, two-way audio features, clear night view and a virtual image zoom. Never feel as if you left home when you access this camera online or through a customized app system.

A Customized Ventilation Thermostat

A ventilation thermostat that knows your plans ahead of time is what you need to live more comfortably, the easy way. You can use your remote controlled thermostat to automatically modify your 70 St. Patrick’s condo temperature once you program it do so one week ahead of time. Alternatively, you can also adjust the thermostat’s settings using your smartphone controller.

Virtual Light Bulb

A virtual light bulb is within your reach without hassle. Now, there’s a light bulb that can operate through your smartphone app’s Wi-Fi connection. Modify your light’s brightness levels, turn them on and off and program default settings for your bulb, using your smartphone remote control.

A Bed that Keeps Track

A futuristic bed will keep track of relevant data concerning the quality of sleep you’ve had the night before. Sleep IQ keeps track on your breathing, heart beat rate and physical movements while you’re sleeping at night. The best thing about having this bed is that the mattress on it is adjustable. The adjustable mattress lets you customize your sleeping position to the best of your satisfaction.

Water Leaks in Control

Control your water leaks before they get out of hand. Just attach a water sensor on areas prone to water leaks, such as faucets and toilet bowls. You’ll get an alert from the water sensor hub as soon as a drop of water leaks out from these or similar areas within your home’s premises.

Don’t settle for less when you know you can have more. Give your home the very best gadgets to live a life that exceeds your expectations.





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