Thursday, March 2, 2017

Birthday Presents For Business Owners

I have many friends who run online enterprises and SMEs and each year I am faced with the unenviable task of buying them a quirky, original and fun birthday present. The problem with business owners, with regards to getting them a great present, is that they usually just buy the things they want, whenever they want them. With this in mind, you need to be especially creative.

I always want to buy a gift that my friends will use and benefit from, not something that seems fun for a minute then ends up as a doorstop or locked away in a closet. If you are having similar troubles then here are some of the gifts which I’ve bought in the past which were a roaring success.

Social Activity
One thing that business owners love more than anything, is their business, especially the growth of their business. A friend of mine runs a small business and last year he was really trying to ramp up his internet presence. As I was shopping around online for something creative I came across some cheap Instagram likes ‘the perfect gift’ I thought. So, I bought the gift, and told my buddy that the following day he would receive his birthday gift on Instagram. The next day his uploads went crazy with likes and in turn he went crazy down the phone with me, he absolutely loved it.

Something that I often buy for a particular friend is a subscription to Evernote premium, I know that they heavily rely on Evernote to run their business and stay on top of things and I bought the first subscription a few years ago. My friend is often so busy that I have no doubt he would forget his renewal, so every year that is my job and I gift him it for his birthday.

Portable Charger
By far and away one of my most successful gifts was one of those power banks which charge your phone up whilst you are on the go. Phone batteries never last as long as you want them too and these banks come in sleek and trendy wallets so that you can plug in and juice up whilst you’re on the move.

If there is one thing that business owners, or at least the ones that I know, love more than anything, it is reading stories about people who have already made it. You may think it is a little boring but a book is a great gift or even an e-book if that’s how they read. Don't think that they don’t have time to read, in my experience, they always do, the bathroom being a particularly favorite spot.

A little old school but I cannot tell you how much success I have had when I’ve bought a flask for one of my hard working friends. It works well because you can use it to keep hot things hot and cold thing cold and some of the designs these days are very cool.





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