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5 Gadgets That Are Obsolete Today

Gadgets have always been a big part of society but what gadget makers fail to take account of is the speed of progress in which society moves in; if they can’t keep up with the progress of society, eventually, they’ll lose their customers and become obsolete. Countries that are slow to keep up with the trend still offer items that are usually obsolete in leading countries like the US; but some stores manage to keep up with the trend even if they’re located in secondary countries. So, to keep you updated, here’s a list of gadgets that are obsolete today:

Also called a person’s Personal Data Assistant, PDA’s came into fame during the 90’s and early 2000’s due to its helpfulness in saving and organizing social data like contact lists, and people’s details. It also astounded the world with it being an advanced kind of mobile phone that offered touchscreens and wireless connections that were rarely seen at the time of the PDA’s release.

It has been discontinued since 2010 due to the emergence of smartphones that offered the same services but being more advanced in specs and overall capabilities.

Floppy Disks
Do you remember the plastic square things that had a circular metal thing attached in the middle that you used to stick into your computer? If you can’t, they’re called floppy disks! Their main function was to save data from a computer; once data was saved in them, you can view the data in any computer as long as you put the floppy disk in. Floppy disks became obsolete ever since the emergence of external hard drives and thumb-sized flash drives that offered a lot more space and convenience.  

Public Phones
Public phones were all the rage before because you just had to insert a coin and then you can call a certain number for a limited amount of time; the convenience of being able to talk to people without having to meet them was in fact one of the main reasons why public phones were famous but, since mobile phones were made affordable, slowly but surely, public phones disappeared; especially today since almost everyone has phones that they can use.

When it was released, typewriters were revolutionary because they made writing and printing easy; people just needed to press on the corresponding letters and it will automatically be printed on paper. Surely, this made people’s lives earlier but since the emergence of the online age, typewriters have been disposed and has been replaced by computers that did what the typewriters did but even better. We’ll surely miss the noise the typewriter makes whenever we press on a button!  

Audio Players and Media Storage
The invention of the CD and cassette players were life changing in the world of music because they made listening to music portable and easier; players would either contain a CD or a cassette (the small rectangular object that had dark tape inside) and it will play the music contained through earphones or to speakers. But with the rise of smartphones, players lost their purpose because smartphones contained everything in a small handheld device.

Society will continue to progress and gadgets that we have now will also be obsolete in the future, like in the Philippines, the best consumer electronics can still be found in certain stores thereby keeping up with what’s new and trendy. that just goes to show that what can’t keep up with the times will be left behind and forgotten.

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