Sunday, January 19, 2014

Most Intriguing Gadgets of 2014

The new year has come, and we can’t wait to see what technology has in store for us geeks and gadget-loving folks! The following entails a list of all the awesome gadgets that should and will come out this 2014!


1) The BlackPhone

For Emos, rockstars, and 007s, Android has probably been itching to release this super mysterious phone: the BlackPhone. This smartphone takes secrecy to a whole new level.

If you watch the promotional video, you’ll feel like you’re in an action movie. You have one mission, and it’s to take your privacy back. Take your privacy back, and take it with force!

Visit their website for more info and watch the cool video. Honestly, we want one.

Below are the specs:
  • Has all basic features of a smartphone
  • Gives you 110-220% privacy for video chats, text messaging, internet browsing, and online activity
  • Semi secret agent status
2) Google Glass

Who hasn’t heard of the Google Glass? The teaser video years ago drove people a little insane. It wasn’t really possible, was it? However, until now, there’s still no official launch for this slightly freaky/ creepy glasses. Even if it’s teaser has been released ages ago, this gadget will definitely create a Google Glass craze even worse/ better than the teaser trailer reaction. Stop lagging, Google, and give the people their piece of futuristic technology now!

If you’re still in the dark about this device, here are the specs from the site:
  • Voice-activated (camera, messaging)
  • Hands-free recording
  • Stay connected wherever you are
  • Google maps, of course
  • GOOGLE (you can ask it anything!)
3) Coin

This revolutionary product for credit card users will definitely create a worldwide trend if it hits off this summer. It’s still for pre-orders, but the video on their site is more than promising. You can store up to 8 credit cards or debit, ATM, loyalty, membership, rewards card, all in one Coin card. More spending for credit card users with the convenient Coin users, that’s for sure. Visit their website to pre-order now.

What other perks does the Coin offer?
  • Apple- and Android-friendly
  • Bluetooth-activated proximity alert (it locks automatically if your smartphone is too far from your Coin card)
  • No need to bring bills or coins
  • Electronic card’s battery lasts for two years
4) Samsung Galaxy Gear 2

Perhaps it’s a way to bring back the need for watches, or maybe it’s because Apple’s iWatch is taking forever to come out. Hence, the Samsung Galaxy Gear 2. Check Samsung’s website to order. With the following specs, this Samsung-Apple competition is not going to be easy:
  • Phone finder
  • Smartphone-paired for easy customization
  • Get notifications for phone calls, texts, emails
  • Hands-free calls
  • Auto-Lock/ Unlock feature to keep your phone’s content secure
  • The S Voice—the not Siri to your Samsung device.
5) iWatch

Then again… Apple doesn’t care if Samsung jumped the gun. Samsung might have won the battle, but Apple is determined to win the war. Apple rests easy knowing their loyal Mac fanbois eat up iWatch like its ice cream. They want anything Apple has to offer and hopefully, they will give it this year. Let’s keep our fingers crossed!

6) PhoneSoap

Honestly, we don’t even want to know how dirty our phones are. Some phones have been through unspeakable germ and bacteria exposure that this gadget HAD to be made. Thankfully, PhoneSoap doesn’t require your phone to be completely submerged in water (or delete your data) just to clean it. One thing’s for sure, this is a must have for all OCD smartphone owners out there, especially if you’ve ever had poop on your phone.

  • UCD Light does air, surface & water disinfection
  • No need to share germs anymore
  • Like a tanning salon, you just let your phone bake in the dispenser while it recharges its battery
  • Compatible with iPhone, iPhone 5, Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry, Samsung, HTC, Nokia, and other electronic devices
And that concludes our list! So, which of these gadget treasures would you want to have soon?

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