Sunday, June 24, 2007

HomePlug AC-Power Network Extender

Easy Ethernet in any Room!
It should be a prerequisite that any place a geek calls home come wired with Cat 5 Ethernet in every room. Sadly this is not often the case and the geek is left to fend for him or herself when connecting that new Tivo, game console, or media center box. Wi-Fi is just too slow for the streaming video needs of the modern geek and stringing cables across the room and drilling through the floor are a pain. Now you can solve those networking dilemmas in a snap with the HomePlug AC-Power Network Extender. The HomePlug transmits ethernet over your existing AC power system at speeds up to 200 Mbps. Setup takes less than 5 minutes and it works on virtually any network. Simply plug one HomePlug box into your network hub and AC outlet. Take the other box anywhere else in your home and connect to another AC outlet and any device that accepts an ethernet input. Done!

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Important Note
You will need at least two HomePlug boxes to get a network going. If this is your first HomePlug purchase you will want to buy the Starter Kit containing two units. This will give you the equivalent of one ethernet cable run allowing connection of one remote device. You can buy additional single HomePlug units and add them to your network at any time.





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