Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Cellphone Signal Extender

Say Adios to Bad Reception
A lot of technology goes into making your cellphone work. So you would think that we would be more understanding of dropped calls and garbled conversations. Nope. Nothing gets geeks into a seething tech frenzy like poor cellphone reception... and it doesn't help that we couldn't resist the glossy black smoothness of the iPhone and AT&T sucks for cellphone service. Sad.
Well quit staring at your one-bar-worth of signal strength and pick up this handy Cellphone Signal Extender for your home or office. Simply mount the included antenna near a window and run the coax cable to the base booster unit. You get 2500 square feet of prime signal area (enough to cover 2-3 rooms on two different floors). We went from 1 bar... to 5 at the ThinkGeek secret headquarters and made our iPhones very happy in the process.

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Installation Summary:
Just so you know exactly what you are getting into, here is a brief description of what you'll need to do when you get the Cellphone Signal Extender home.
  1. Determine a mounting location for the external antenna. This can be indoors near a window, an outside door, in the attic, or on the exterior of your home or office. Basically you want to find the spot where you have the strongest signal... even if it's only one bar.
  2. Attach the external antenna to your chosen mounting spot using the included screws & hardware.
  3. Run the included coax cable from the external antenna to the base booster box. Place the box in a central location where you most need improved cellphone reception.
  4. Plug in the base booster box.
  5. Done. Happy calling!





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