Friday, September 21, 2007

ScanGauge II Automotive Computer

As a general rule geeks like to have access to as much data and statistics as possible. We pretty much figure this applies to a geek's motor vehicle as well. So, to allow you to access extra information about your car we would like to introduce the ScanGauge II Automotive Computer. This gadget is easy to install and provides a set of digital gauges, a comprehensive trip computer, and an engine trouble code scan tool.

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The digital gauges mode displays four different properties on the screen (for example, fuel economy, battery voltage, coolant temperature, and engine speed). The trip computer tracks your vehicle's maximum speed, average speed, driving time, driving distance, trip fuel economy and several other pieces of trip data. The engine trouble code scan tool lets you read standard engine trouble codes as well as clear the "check engine" light and other warning lamps.





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