Saturday, November 17, 2007

Anti-gravity Globe

Science fact or friction?

Ok, before you start sending us emails - we fully understand that this isn't a real anti-gravity device. Of course it's a prototype, duh. We are busy working on a true anti-gravity globe and plan to release one in 2011, right after we release a flying pig. Marketing-based-gimmicky product names aside, this globe *does* hover above its base in a seeming defiance of gravity. How does it accomplish this astonishing feat? Well, since you are shopping here at ThinkGeek, you probably already know. There is a thin, but extraordinarily strong, column of precisely engineered nano-simians between the base unit and the globe that keeps the appearance of the globe hovering above the base unit. Woohoo!

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As always, we are as tickled as dogs trapped inside a squirrel park to give you the inside scoop. It's simple really. The globe itself is very light in weight. There is a precisely placed magnet located at the inside top of the globe. Once you plug in the heavily weighted base, and carefully place the globe over top the center of the base, a combination of sensors and micro-processors help to calibrate the embedded electromagnet in the base to properly suspend the globe. It gets deeper than that, of course, but you know the saying, if we told you, we would have to.....well, let you know.





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