Monday, November 19, 2007

Jumbo LED Binary Clock

Minimilist Design Meets Geek Chic.

Binary started out as a way for geeks to master the world of computing, but here at ThinkGeek we understand that binary is mostly just another way for us to help you confuse your friends and co-workers. Enter the Jumbo LED Binary Clock. Simply slap this stylistic one foot square clock on the wall or on your favorite flat surface, select BCD or pure binary mode, set the time, and voila! You've just created an Instant Confusion Device (ICD) that actually tells the time. Congratulations! For best results do net setup your ICD in your local IT Lab as the chances of confusion will decrease to the point of non-compliance. Now simply wait for the next peon to walk across it's path and stare in dis-belief as the thick sludge of neurons between his ears fails to grasp any approximation of the truth before his eyes. Then just laugh to yourself and go back to playing Portal.

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But ThinkGeek, I'm Basically A n00b, How Do I Read It? - Glad you asked. All geeks were n00bs at one point (except maybe Linus, and that guy in the wheelchair). So we've created a simple, idiot proof visual guide to reading the clock in BCD mode. Available here. Easy. Pure binary mode is just as easy, but instead of visually we'll describe how you read it so you can sharpen your basic written comprehension skills. The horizontal bottom row represents the seconds, the 2nd row from the bottom the minutes, and the third from the bottom the hour. Then the six vertical columns are each assigned a value, from left to right, they are: 32, 16, 8, 4, 2, 1. Just sum up the values across the horizontal columns for hours, minutes and seconds - and voila! Instant mad time genius. Of course detailed reading instructions are included with each clock for those of you with ADD.





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