Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Revo Pico WiFi Internet Radio

Portable WiFi Radio connects you with the world

The promise of radio was to bring instant vocal communication and entertainment to the masses. A fascinating idea, but with limited bandwidth and range, and the ever increasing corporate consolidation of the radio industry, FM has become homogenous, bland, and boring. Internet radio, in contrast, isn't as hampered by the corporatocracies. Anyone can stream their most eclectic mix of audio all over the world. The end result being an enormous variety of radio. Everything from Abba to Zepplin, and all points in between can be heard.

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You want a radio station dedicated to Japanese ska from the 80's? Done. How about a station that plays Monty Python sketches all day? Done. How about a station dedicated to Appalachian-style banjo/jazz fusion recorded in Brazil between 1960 and 1963 excluding the summer of 1961 during the "great banjo/jazz drought?" Um. Not sure, but I'll bet if you looked hard enough, you'd find it.





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