Friday, December 7, 2007

Steinhausen Quad Watch Winder

Newsflash! Most people don't know automatic watches are specially equipped with a spring enabling the watch to function properly and relay accurate time. If these springs aren't constantly wound, they will become stiff, hence making watches with stiff springs inaccurate. Don't let this happen to your wrist watch. Our Steinhausen watch winders are perfect for winding kinetic watches and making sure they display precise time. Keep your watch in tip-top condition and ensure its relaying accurate time by owning a Steinhausen watch winder today.

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Over the years, collectors of Steinhausen automatic timepieces have requested a Quad Automatic Watch Winder box crafted of luxurious burlwood. After more than 2 years in development, the wait is finally over. Hundreds of prototypes fell by the wayside until this incredible design emerged. With subtle bowed sides made of polished burl-wood, craftsmen then applied 18 layers of high-gloss piano finish. The result is a mirror finish capable of reflecting your own image. The interior has been lined with simulated soft cream calf hide. The four watch pedestals rotate inside burlwood rings. A Lucite window in the lid allows for a wide dust-free viewing area. Two additional compartments have been built into the front of the case with viewing windows. The motors run silently as they keep four of your finest automatic timepieces constantly wound and ready at a moment's notice. The burlwood watch winder case you've been waiting for is finally here.





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