Friday, December 21, 2007

The Ultimate Smallest MP3 Player (2GB)

Never before has such a big sound come from such a tiny device! And when we say tiny, we really mean tiny. We are not just talking about palm-sized. We are talking about finger-sized. But size is not a sacrifice for quality and performance. You get the same level quality of sound than the top MP3 players on the market that are typically 10x larger and 3x more expensive.

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You are not even going to sacrifice storage space either. With a whopping 2GB of storage space, you will become a musical magician as you keep pulling more music from your tiny little box. Your friends will be amazed not just with the clarity and depth of your favorite music but also the fact that the device stored 2GB of music (or about 200 hours of music) in a device not much larger than the tip of their finger.





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