Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Dynaflex Powerball Gyroscope

The blue LED light starts to glow once the Powerball begins rotating and will glow ever brighter as the rpms are increased. Looks like something from a Tron movie and is especially fascinating in a darkened room.

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The Powerball is started out at about 2,500 rpm and is slowly worked up to speeds over 13,000 rpm. It's a lot of fun to see just how fast the Powerball can rotate. There is a digital display built into the Powerball that can display the realtime rotor rpm as well as store the highest achieved rpm - a high score which will remain in the memory until you achieve a higher score or clear the memory. Use it around the office to see who can achieve and maintain the highest rpm speed. You will never get tired with your repeated attempts to continuously get higher and higher rpm speeds.





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