Monday, April 21, 2008


The Loc8tor system is an example of active RFID, radio frequency identification. RFID is a technology that employs tags (e.g. wireless radio transponders), attached to an object. The tag sends information stored on the tag in response to a radio signal from a reader. The reader receives identification or other information on the signal from the tag. The transponders used in active systems have batteries that power transmitters in the tags. Active RFID systems generally use either the signal strength or the delay time of the signal returned by the tag at three or more reception points in order to locate a tag. Such systems cost many thousands of dollars.

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The Loc8tor system uses a single receiver, the handheld Loc8tor Homing Device, to locate a tag. Since the Homing Device is very directional, a user can identify the direction of the signal from the tag and get an idea of the tag's distance from the strength of the returned signal. This is a very sophisticated but low-cost system.

By Paul Moskowitz





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