Friday, May 23, 2008

Indiana Jones Officially Licensed Fedora

Did you see Indy 4 yet? If you have, I think you will like this hat...

You know the hat. It's become an iconic symbol which is, thankfully, finally returning to the big screen. Indiana Jones' hat is the hat we've always wanted to wear. But the hat really wasn't just one hat.

Indiana Jones Hat

There were at least three different types of hats (of various costs and specialties) used in the films. Out of all of the three, the fur felt hat was the "hero" hat. What that means is, the other hats get used and abused during the action sequences - but when it's time for a close up, on goes the fur felt fedora. There are other licensed hats out there, but they are only wool felt. This one is 100% fur felt - just like the real "hero" hat - because you deserve to be the hero.





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