Friday, June 20, 2008

Mini Touchscreen Cell Phone

Neon 7 Mini Touchscreen Cell Phone

As technology marches onward it's harder and harder for us to be impressed by tiny gadgets... but this unlocked Neon 7 Mini Touchscreen Cell Phone struck our fancy with its host of features and diminutive stature.

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The Neon 7 features a 1.3MP Camera/Camcorder, TFT LCD Touchscreen, Heat sensitive buttons that glow, Handwriting recognition, Speech synthesis, Simple POP/IMAP e-mail support, MP3/MP4 Player, Stereo Bluetooth Support, 1GB Storage, oh and a tri-band GSM cell phone. Amazingly everything fits in a form factor only 11mm thick. Just pop your sim card out of your existing AT&T/Cingular or T-Mobile cell phone and insert it into this unlocked phone to start making and receiving calls.





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