Friday, September 19, 2008

Camping Toolkit

Kershaw Camping Toolkit

Multiple blades for multiple tasks. When it comes to surviving in the outdoors sometimes you have to improvise. A stick or a rock might be the only "tools" you have to work with and if so, then have at it. But it is so much better when you have the right stuff to get the job done - it means less stress and better results. This toolkit features Kershaw's Blade Trader technology which provides the convenience of multiple, interchangeable blades and tools in a single handle.

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With the Blade Trader's exclusive locking mechanism, you can quickly, easily, and safely change blades and tools in seconds. The quality steel used to make each blade or tool is matched to its specific use. Each non-slip Blade Trader handle is designed to reduce hand fatigue. This toolkit also include a handy storage case. The cutting board size 10.75" x 8", comes complete with plastic storage case.





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