Sunday, September 21, 2008

Personal Security Key

GoldKey Personal Security Key

256bit AES Hardware Encryption, FTW! like every week we're hearing about some government official whose laptop was stolen, exposing employee records, credit-card-numbers, social-security numbers, nuclear launch codes. Every time it happens, we at home shake our heads and wonder how this could happen.

GoldKey Personal Security Key

That everybody seems to be carrying laptops, your personal PERSONAL files are carried with them. Maybe you've got financial data? Perhaps you've got sensitive emails with passwords to your online bank? Even a few of you might have text files with all of your online passwords in it. If you lose your laptop, not only have you lost your files, but you've exposed yourself to bank fraud and identity theft. Protect yourself with the same kind of encryption the NSA uses for TOP SECRET documents. The GoldKey security token includes software that recognizes the key and encrypts your files and folders into encrypted volumes that are only accessible if you have your personalized GoldKey and the password you entered.





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