Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Paint with Light

Glow Graffiti Light in a Can

It's the dead of night and everyone is tucked in bed and the owls are a-hootin'. So it's time to break out the Glow Graffiti! Powered with UV light the Glow Graffiti lets you write, stencil and draw rude pictures to create your very own glowing light show. It's like very complicated vandalism except much prettier and you won't get nicked by the police doing it. This really is a gadget of mind-boggling genius, perfect for parties or if you're nocturnal, for late-night artistic inspiration and will have your friends intrigued as to how it all works.

Paint with Light

The UV light coming from the can excites luminescent material in the special photo sensitive sheet. To create tight lines spray very close, or spray from 12" for larger areas and stencils. Simply twist the nozzle anti-clockwise to access the battery compartment.





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