Saturday, February 14, 2009

Stun Gun and Pepper Spray in One Piece

Neutralize an attacker in seconds. Like having the most advanced military riot gear in the palm of your hand. Evil lurks in the darkest places. In a van next to your car or behind a bush, an attack can happen unexpectedly. In some life-and-death situations, a split second is all you have. How do you defend yourself? The Scorpion 200 Spray and Stun Gun could mean saving your life because it gives you two powerful non-lethal defense mechanisms in one: Paralyze them with 200,000 volts or blind them with pepper spray.

Stun Gun - Pepper Spray

The Scorpion's 200,000 volts of power will put an attacker down for nearly 30 min. Most standard stun guns only give you the power to momentarily disorient an attacker. When it comes to your personal safety, you never want to take chances. This is the most powerful non-lethal self-defense device on the market. It's solid and lightweight with a grip that accommodates all hands.

The Scorpion is made in Eastern Europe and is standard gear for many top police agencies in some of the world's toughest neighborhoods. You or anyone you care about should never be alone without this. There's no safer feeling than owning a security device like the Scorpion. It gives you a fighting chance.





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