Monday, June 1, 2009

Retro Mini Handheld NES System

Portable 8-Bit Gaming Dream Realized. Way back in 1985 what would you have been willing to give for a handheld NES? Your full collection of Garbage Pail Kids cards maybe?... or how about your old Atari 2600 and a sealed copy of ET? Well now now thanks to the discriminating product monkeys at ThinkGeek all you need is half a Benjamin and some old NES cartridges to achieve portable gaming Nirvana. Thats right, the Retro Mini Handheld plays all the classic 8-bit NES games you grew up with and looks pretty darn sweet with the old style giant cartridge protruding from the top.

Simply pop in 4 AA batteries and jack in your favorite original NES cartridge. The built in hi-res LCD screen looks a hell of a lot better than your old crappy TV, plus the Retro Mini comes with AV out cables to connect with your newfangled flatscreen if you so desire.

The Retro Mini does not come with any games. You'll need to find your own cartridges or buy some on eBay. Also old NES cartridges will probably have cruddy contacts. Remember that the cartridges are very finicky if not cleaned properly. Make sure you clean the contacts on your cartridges or they may not work properly in the Retro Mini.





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