Monday, June 8, 2009

Spy Camera Video Watch

Perfect for capturing spontaneous video. A watch with built-in video camera and 8GBs of storage capacity! Are you an active news blogger or citizen journalist? Want to keep an audio/video record of those important private meetings for later review? Here is the answer - a timepiece that will allow you to record interviews, meetings, and on the scene discussions without intimidating anyone.

Spy Camera Video Watch

This tiny video camcorder lets you record AVI format files that you can later transfer to your computer for viewing and archiving purposes. This watch is a surveillance style video camera built into a classy looking wrist watch and features a huge 8GBs of flash memory for hours of storage.

The watch itself is an elegantly designed full metal watch with a glass face cover, accurate, gear driven time in seconds, minutes and hours, a back clasp design for easily taking the watch off and putting it on, and a twisting crown for time adjustment.





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