Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Neverlate Executive Alarm Clock

Neverlate again if you wakeup when hear this Alarm Clock. In the beginning, there was nothing. And everyone overslept. Then the sun rose and everyone reluctantly got up. And it was good. Then, behold, the Neverlate 7-day Alarm Clock appeared and everyone awoke promptly. And it was gooder.

Neverlate Executive Alarm Clock

And now, the Executive Neverlate Alarm Clock rises like a phoenix from the ashes of sleep. And it is goodest. Why? Because it has a bajillion alarms, tons of customizable features, and is so loaded, it might be the only alarm clock to come with a "Quick Start Guide." Okay, we could spend ages writing about all the features the Executive Neverlate has to offer, so let's just hit on some big ones.

Two separate ("his" & "hers," if you will) 7-day alarm schedules - and each of those 14 alarms can be set to a different time and ringtone (one of 4 buzzers or 20 preset radio stations). Plus another bank of every day alarms. That's 21 alarms in total! And if you get bored of the radio, you can plug in your MP3 player and listen through the clock's killer speaker - and even charge your MP3 player with the Executive Neverlate's USB port (it's a standard 5V USB port)! This truly is the alarm clock to end all alarm clocks. And with the "Nap" button we can take a little slumber whenever we need it mos. Get your new Alarm Clock Now!





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