Saturday, August 1, 2009

Water Resistant Phone

Uniden 900 MHz Water-Resistant Cordless Phone with Caller ID, WXI377- Refurbished.
Whether you live on a houseboat or just spend a lot of time near the kids' wading pool, a floating, water-resistant phone comes in handy for many families. Uniden 900 includes comfortable rubber handgrips that keeps the phone from sliding and a 900 MHz analog signal that provides decent range and a reliably clear connection.

 Uniden 900 MHz Water-Resistant Cordless Phone

A handy belt clip allows you to fasten it on and keep it comfortably close when you're waiting for that important call. With subscription to local service, you'll have access to call waiting/caller ID, which includes a 30-station memory with instant display-and-dial.

A 10-station phone book and one-touch Rocket Dial provide access to your most frequently-called numbers; a redial button allows you to quickly return to business if home life has interrupted a call. The phone is compatible with most hearing aids and includes a one-year warranty covering parts and service.

Caller ID/Call Waiting. Displays the name and number of the caller in Call Waiting even while you are on the phone. To activate the Caller ID features, you must subscribe through your telephone company. Buy Uniden 900 MHz Water-Resistant Cordless Phone w/ Caller ID Now!





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