Monday, August 9, 2010

Why do we need to jailbreak iphone?

For all those who own an iphone, be it the iphone 2G or iphone 3G or iphone 3GS, jailbreak is a very common term, one they all know and know how to use it. But for the new users, they may now know the reasons as to why we jailbreak our iphone. The first thing to be understood here is that for every application that is provided by the option Cydia, jailbreak iphone is a must so that those applications which are not available on your iphone can also be used through this.

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There are several reasons for which one needs to jailbreak his/her iphone. Firstly, there is no risk involved, the worst that can happen, can also be sorted out by restoring the iphone to the factory settings. With the help of Cydia, installation of third party application can be done. Through the SwirlyMMS option, one can receive MMS.

Other interesting features that can be getting with jailbreak are that one can get free of cost custom notifications added for sounds and ringtones. Another reason why one needs to jailbreak the iphone, is that, he or she can turn by turn use GPS with GPSx free of cost. With the aid of Cycorder then, the user will be able to get video recording. Even live videos could be streamed then with the application Qik.

Jailbreak also enables flash in immobile cinema application. The best or the most interesting thing is that with the jailbreak and the feature TVOut, you will be able to watch your iphone on your television. With the help of Mxtube, you will be able to download the videos from youtube on internet. Along with this, you will also get to see the episodes of your telly soap for free. Other amusement features like enjoying play station games could also be done with emulators.

There is an application named iBlacklist with the help of which you can filter the calls that you get. And also if you get any voicemails, you can easily forward them by voicemail forwarder. The id caller on the iphone can also be spoofed.

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