Friday, October 15, 2010

The LG LX9900 3DTV Reviewed

Since the massive success of 3-D movies like Avatar at the box office, people have wanted to watch 3DTV's at home. Are you bowled over by 3DTV? If so, you won't have failed to notice that 3D TV sets are now in electrical shops up and down the country. In order to enjoy your 3D-TV, you'll need some kind of source material, and a device to play it. Most people will use either a 3d-ready blu-ray player like the playstation 3, or a digital box such as the one from Sky.


The LG Full LED 3D TV Infinia LX9900 takes TV-watching to a whole new level, with its sleek design and state of the art features. Beneath the very attractive exterior of this unit is a multitude of functions that are refreshingly uncomplicated to navigate through. Indeed, this is one gadget youll love to have in your home as the newest addition to the your artificial family. This latest addition to the LG LX9900 TV Series is perhaps the most desirable one on the market so far this year. Just like a picture frame you can hang, this ultra-slender Infinia design of the LG LX9900 proves that even in the smallest of apartments or condos, you can enjoy the fullest features of modern technology.

LGs unique single layer practically eliminates the space between the screen and the bezel, giving it the illusion of unity. Through the LG NetCast, your LX9900 can also be your PC, which will allow you to access a wide range of online services. Aside from being an Internet console for your favorite online content, this LG TV is a 3D-TV. This LG LX9900 model has what every sports enthusiast longs for - a motion blur eliminator in its TruMotion 400Hz, ensuring that the sports fan will never miss another swing of the club or racket ever again. Finally, the Freeview HD allows you to watch High Definition TV for free with no monthly fee or contract.

Another innovative feature for the LX9900 is its secondary remote, a motion-sensing controller that allows you to control your entertainment world with just a flick of the hand. With a purchase of the LG LX9900, you get the ultimate in home entertainment with better picture quality, ultra slim single layer Infinia design, and a host of other impressive features in one appliance. For all the foregoing features, the price tag of 1,999.99 for the LG LX 9900 truly represents value for money, that you can pick up online at any of a number of popularonline stores. Dont let this nifty piece of future tech slip through your hands. The LG 47LX9900 TV couldchange the way you view home entertainment forever.

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