Saturday, December 4, 2010

007 Spy Gear - The Most Amazing Gadgets

You might have heard about spy gadgets in James bond movies. It might be surprising for you to know that these gadgets are now available in the market for sale. The greatest surprise is that many companies are manufacturing these gadgets for cheaper rates thereby making it affordable for common man. Initially these gadgets and spy gears where used only by high officials while dealing with very high confidential jobs. These were shown in television as most expensive gadgets on planet earth. It was the dream of every man to at least see these gadgets for real. Now the dream is turning to reality making it possible for every body to own a spy gadget.

Spy Wallet
Photo: Dosh Desmopan wallet

There are many types of spy gadgets like spy cameras, GPS tracking devices, listening devices, surveillance equipments, counter spy and many more. You can even get a spy gear where hidden camera is placed along with a sun glass which helps to record the videos with the help of the camera placed behind the sun glasses. You will not be able to find out the camera even after taking the glass off your face. The camera is having 4GB capacity to store both video and audio. Spy pens forms another extraordinary spy gear with 8GB memory storage capacity. This helps in detection of sound along with video capture and also takes still photographs. The pen has the capacity of recording videos for hours without any problem. This comes with a USB interface.

It is interesting to know that even watches are attached with various spy devices. Spy watch DVR is another popular spy gear that comes to market with a capacity of 2GB/ 4GB/8 GB flash memories. This is also having a USB interface and comes along with a charger which will help in charger the devices where ever you go. All the videos are recorded in.avi format making it easy to view on any player. It is also possible to use the device while charging. All most all the spy gadgets are available in market with at least six months warranty. Internet is the best place where you can search in order to find a suitable gadget. is one among the website offering variety of spy gadgets from which you can select according to your interest. Even children are now day's fond of having one in order to play with it.

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