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iPhone 5 Features and Limitations of iPhone Series

With faster internet, wider - big screen and with user friendly interface iPhone are attractive. It's just not a telephone now. Besides that it has several other functions. It can be used as a medium of entertainment with faster streaming in the 3G network. It can run several applications that can serve different purposes. It can be used as an e-book reader. It can be used for reading newspapers and many more applications are available. You can make free international calls with Skype on the phone; you can make video calls, which will enable you to make a conference call either with your staff or boss. All these are the possibilities put forward by an iPhone.


Apple is the manufacturers of the iPhone. The latest version is the iPhone4. iphone5 is going to be released soon. Besides iPhone, they manufacture laptops and accessories. They are one of the famous electronic component suppliers in the market.

While considering about the possibilities you should also think about the limitations of the phone as well. Some of the limitations are reasoned for the decrease in the popularity of the iPhone. After the version 2.0 iPhone started to integrate security for email in the Microsoft exchange. Furthermore, your contact list will be updated when you create a mail id in the outlook exchange.

iPhone was the first to introduce 3G and GPS in cell phones. They are released in their 2.0 version and attracted more customers. This made them to compete among other cell phone manufacturers in the market.

However, they lack a resource like MMS. MMS was not present until the version 2.0. Camera of iPhone has larger capabilities and moreover, that there is an internal memory of about 16 GB so that large amount of data can be stored. However, there was no video recording function until version 2.0. Furthermore, there were no video conferencing, no tune synchronizing, no java, no flash, no Bluetooth functioning, etc.

All these limitations were overcome in the later versions 3 and 4.0. Now iPhone 5 is going to be released soon. iPhone 5 will have 20 additional features when compared with iPhone 4. Some of them are known and some others are under curtains. They will not be revealed until it's released. Some of the iPhone 5 features are described below.

iPhone 5

They will have better battery life. They are trying to add innovative new technologies to save more power and thereby extend the battery life. iPhone 5 will support 4G networks. It will enable the phone to have been greater speed in data communication. Furthermore, it will support AT&T. There are no confirmations of adding flash to the phone. Apple has not tied up with adobe, and hence we can conclude that there will not be flash in iPhone 5. However, we cannot say that they will not add flash in future releases.

Whatever may be the add-ones; their largest competitors will be android phones. This is the most popular operating system for mobile available in the word. So they will have to compete against them to build their market successfully.

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