Thursday, February 9, 2012

Gadget-packed estate car

If you’re looking for a practical family car that’s also gadget packed and can take a lot of luggage without a noticeable difference in handling or performance - you really need to take a closer look at the Honda Accord Tourer.

estate car

There are seven different versions of the car – with petrol and diesel models – and what is included as standard varies with every model. 
But if you’re a real gadget freak and you want to go for the whole works – whilst still owning a car which is practical for the whole family and which can really eat up the miles cheaply whilst transporting five people and an absolute boat-load of stuff, this really is a fantastic car.

Perhaps best of all is the car’s quietness – in whatever version you choose.
It’s so smooth and quiet that you barely hear a thing, even at speed – and the performance doesn’t seem to alter even with the vast boot space packed full of skiing gear – or just plain luggage.
The extras range from front fog lights, to automatic lights and wipers, Bluetooth connection and may other refinements. The EX versions are absolutely loaded to the gills with techie gadgets as well as a sports body-kit, while the car also includes DVD sat-nav. Also, the ADAS pack includes both cruise control and lane assist and the Type-S versions include leather trim and heated electric seats. And the seats in all models really envelop you.
All in all, the car is superb if you need to do decent distances with a lot of luggage and a few passengers. In this case; it really is unequalled for an estate car.
Unfortunately for green enthusiasts, the range doesn’t include low emission cars, but in almost all other regards, it truly is unrivalled on the road and in its class; it’s a superb all-round family car, packed with functional gadgetry.





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