Tuesday, March 27, 2012

New Accord Is Full Of Safety Features

The Detroit Motor Show in January this year saw the launch of the latest generation Honda Accord. The Accord 2013 is the ninth incarnation of the ever popular car and comes packed with a range of safety features.

Honda Accord

For the first time in a Honda car, there’s a lane departure warning (LDW) system which triggers warnings to the driver, but, of course, it’s up to the driver to take corrective action.
There’s also a camera mounted on the windscreen which picks up any dangers or obstacles that the vehicle may be approaching. Forward collision warning images are processed by the computer and it will trigger automatic warnings if necessary.
The new Accord even has a blind spot monitoring system called ‘Lane Watch’. Via a camera mounted at the rear of the car, images are transmitted to the intelligent multi-information display (i-MID) console on the dashboard to show the driver what is happening in their blind spot. This is really great for the moments when you need to change lane or you are trying to get into a difficult parking space.
It will also be safer to use your mobile when driving the new Accord as there is Bluetooth capability and an SMS reading function.
As part of the new generation of Accords, Honda is introducing the latest in its range of eco cars. For the first time, Honda has a plug-in hybrid which will be ready for delivery in the USA at the end of this year. The Accord plug-in hybrid will have three driving modes – electric, gasoline-electric and direct drive. In fact, all of the new Accord models have improved in terms of eco-friendliness, with the Eco Assist function as standard – a visual aid on either side of the speedometer which allows drivers to see how well they are driving on an environmentally-friendly scale.
The Accord is one of Honda’s most popular cars, and its improved eco-friendliness and all its new safety features will surely serve to increase its popularity.





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