Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Finding a great car for the family

One of the elusive things that many people look for is the perfect family car. Not every car will suit every family of course, but there are some that come close.

Honda car

If you’re looking something that offers plenty of comfortable features and a little bit of refinement as well, then the new Honda Accord Tourer could be the one for you. It’s an estate car – or wagon as they’re called in the States – and so comes with plenty of seating space and bags of room for luggage in the back. Along with that, it has good handling and performance. This is not just a box on four wheels.

The Honda Accord Tourer comes in seven different versions – petrol or diesel engines. As yet, it’s not available as a hybrid car, but that may be on the not too distant horizon as Honda already has a hybrid hatchback, supermini, and sports car in the UK market, with more varieties in the States and Japan.

The car comes with pretty decent standard fittings including safety seats that can recognise whether they’re holding an adult or child and hug the passenger’s shape. In case of a collision, the headrests move forward to protect the passenger or driver from whiplash effects.

The car is very quiet and smooth to drive. There are all kinds of extras you can add on, like automatic wipers and lights, front fog lights and techhie details like Bluetooth for hands free chatting. These extras come automatically with the EX versions and DVD satellite navigation too. Heated seats and are included on the type-S models.

The Honda Accord is one of the safest cars in its class and it comes with gadgets like lane assist and cruise control in its Advanced Driver Assistance System.

For people who have a lot of distance to cover on a regular basis, and need to take four passengers or plenty of stuff when they go, the Honda Accord can offer comfort and a great drive too.





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