Wednesday, July 4, 2012

The Easiest System for Data Storage and Retrieval

Data archiving is very important if you want to move data that is no longer being actively used to a separate data storage device for long-term used. These have to be indexed properly and must have search capabilities for easy data retrieval. However, data archives must not be confused with data backups, which are just copies of data.

Data archiving has been the problem in the booming healthcare IT industry, as it faced challenges in finding new technology with storage capabilities for the growing profusion of data. In addition, the new technology must meet the regulatory requirements on how the data is managed and archived.

To manage the flood of data in hospitals, which is expected to have a growth of 20 to 50 % in storage needs for the next two years, there must be a platform that will allow healthcare organizations to efficiently access, store, and distribute data while meeting regulatory guidelines.

The solution lies on a new data archiving system that allows storing the data on the front-end in high-end storage systems, and on the back end on tape. This is a cost-effective move considering that IT budgets are not increasing at the rate of storage needs in the industry. The system also allows them to build unlimited systems that will allow the storage of data into hundreds of petabytes.

Data archiving system is cost-effective and manageable in the long term especially in protecting older information that is not needed for everyday operations but may occasionally need to be accessed.





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