Saturday, July 7, 2012

Customize Your UTV for a Better Ride

UTVs are great for work and play, and if you want to customize it – you can do that too! Utility Terrain Vehicle or UTV is a cross between a pickup truck and an ATV, once purely used for work-based purposes. However, UTV enthusiasts now consider them at par with other sports and utility vehicles and they spent a lot of money to customize their gears according to their own specifications.

UTVs are also known as Side-by-Side Vehicles or SxS because the driver and the passenger are side-by-side in the vehicle. It also came with a host of other names like RUV or Recreational Utility Vehicle, ROV or Recreational Off-Highway Vehicle, or MUV or Multi-Use Vehicle. Judging from these names alone, you can easily figure out what it is used for.

Whether you own a new factory model or an older model, customizing your UTV is an easy fix. You can find a lot of accessories and aftermarket parts to equip the machine for a better ride ranging from windshields, bumpers, doors, cages, wheels, lights or tires for different models like Polaris Ranger to Can Am Commander.

Every rider has different needs and ride on different terrains, so when looking for UTV accessories you must make sure that it will provide optimum performance to make your ride more comfortable and stylish.





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