Friday, September 14, 2012

The Features of the New iPhone

Apple is launching a new phone that is considered as the thinnest, lightest, and fastest phone in the market today. The iPhone 5 will be released this September 2012 but there is already a buzzing speculation regarding its features.

iPhone 5 - Siri

The new phone is a complete redesign as it comes in liquid metal casing. It also comes with new hardware and software, 3D video and pictures, newly designed keyboards, and 4G speeds. The phone's awesome features can be attributed to its A6 processor, which is very powerful but not power-hungry.

The new phone will surely be a hit among phone users since they will no longer be restricted to WiFi, face recognition, and fast downloading of internet data, but will now have a sim-less phone that they can use with any network.

With the new iPhone, you will not only have Siri, the personal assistant, but a host of other features as well including the new iOS6 software, iCloud, and all other standard features making it the biggest thing that happened to the iPhone brand.





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