Sunday, September 8, 2013

Highly versatile and wonderful camera - Gopro

GoPro is the famous and renowned brand name for athletes and action enthusiasts. Whether you are skateboarding, kite boarding, snorkeling or skydiving you are bound to catch the sight with Gopro which offers the out of the world pictures. The idea for product was from the Nick Woodman, GoPro chief executive and founder when he was surfing the trip to Australia. The initial most GoPro camera was launched couple of years before, which consist the tiny film camera which cost about $22.


The subsequent iteration in the year 2007 moved GoPro to the digital format, which enables the users to capture the 3 megapixel stills as well as shoot standard and videos of high definition.

The latest series of GoPro HD Hero3 of camera will shoot the full video of high-definition from factor which is the size of matchbox. However there are 3 models of GoPro camera available, and all are have the built-in Wi-Fi connection for the remote operation of camera from matched smart phone or optional remote control which is wireless and which is the accessory that is standard with best Black Edition. Everything comes with the separate housing of polycarbonate in box which makes these waterproofs till 60 metres.

Possibly quite more amazing than the specification sheet of GoPro HD is the extensive user community of the brand world-wide, several of these use the GoPro cameras for the purpose of non-sporting. The comparatively cheap rate, starting from $269.99 for White Edition, has been seen that it is employed for amazingly diverse scope of uses, like the underwater expeditions, science experiments and broadcast news.

The quality footage of broadcast GoPro has even seen the professional videographers, who pick them up in the droves, and this is now used in key films and other famous television shows like Top Gear and Survivor.





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