Friday, November 22, 2013

Perfect and colorful print making astonishing effect

Have you ever heard about 3D printing from journalists and newscasters, surprised as what these witnessed? The machine evocative is completely magical and can create the objects out of small thin air. 3d printer has the ability to “print” in metal, plastic, nylon and on various others materials. It may also be used for designing the nonsensical small models such as the over-printed Yoda, still it even print the manufacturing prototypes, quasi-legal guns, end user products, aircraft parts of engine parts and also human organs using the own cell of a person.


3D printers use great variety of various kinds of additive technologies of manufacturing, but these all share one key thing which is, they develop a 3 dimensional object by creating it layer by the consecutive layer, till the time entire object gets complete. This is much similar to printing in 2 dimensions on the small sheet of paper, however with the added third dimension.

All these printed layers are basically thinly sliced with horizontal cross-section of ultimate object or the product. For this, you can well imagine the multi-layer cake; with baker laying down every layer one at single time till the complete cake is made. Similarly, 3D printing is quite similar, but however a bit more accurate than the 3D baking.

In such a case, you can stick with us and we all will go through the diverse kind of additive manufacturing. Hence, from FDM printing, where the material gets melted and is also extruded in different layers, one on another, to the SLS printing, where the bed of the powder material like titanium or nylon is “sintered” or it gets hardened layer on the thin layer inside it till the model gets pulled out from it. This is really a captivating and quickly proceeding world which will change our complete life as we know this.





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