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iPhone 6: What to Expect this 2014?

iPhone 5s sales remain at a high—even at roughly 4 months after its release. Seems, though, that Apple isn’t taking any time to rest on their laurels as they prepare to roll out the next one in the series: the iPhone 6. Wonder how different this one will be from its predecessors? Would it be bigger? Sleeker? Better? With much speculation surrounding the upcoming release, here’s a few of what we’ve heard so far:


iPhone 6 or iPhone Air: What’s in a Name?

Will it be called the iPhone 6? Or something else? Remember how it was with the iPad 5? Many were already waiting for the eventual release of the product—up until Apple released the iPad Air, named thus simply because it was light and portable. If this happens again, then we might be seeing an iPhone Air rather than or iPhone Slim or some other tag that Apple comes up with.

Size and Features

They say the new iPhone is going to be thinner. Yes, thinner than the thin 5s. The iPhone 5s is at nearly 8mm thick. The new one, though, is at 6mm. To make room for its internal components, the iPhone 6 is reportedly going to sport a longer display screen, at 5inch—one that comes at a Full HD resolution of 1920 x 1080—which could present a tiny bit of problem for some users.

Apple has always been adamant in keeping the display size standard for all units, to ensure quality product resolutions for app-uniformity. They’ve been designing the newer models with higher pixels—meaning doubling the horizontal and vertical resolutions—so old apps would run properly even after upgrades.

However, it makes sense for Apple to start offering wider and longer screens, given the release of large-screen models from its competition—like the HTC One, Sony Xperia Z, and Samsung Galaxy S4. So while the iPhone 5s, with its smaller screen, gives customers more options—the iPhone 6 is designed to compete with existing large-screen units in the market.

What can Siri Do for You?

With the newest addition to the iPhone series, you could expect more interaction with Siri. Talk to her or ask her to tag your photos with: “Me and my daughter in the beach.” Sounds great, right? Reports say Apple wants to add a voice prompt feature to its photo app. It’s also possible now to use Siri to search through your photos, so long as you’ve labelled all the images with the right tags. The unit works great with iOS7, which makes photos easier to navigate, and organise through locations and dates.

Battery Life

One of the most important things to consider in any device is its battery life. No matter how exceptional a unit is, if its battery life is too short, then it’s going to be a waste of time and money. Apple consistently increases the battery life for all their products each year—some by more than 10%. Don’t believe it? Try putting the iPhone 5 battery in the first iPhone unit ever released and see that unit run for probably 4-5 days without charging!

Still, while the up-and-coming iPhone 6—with its larger screen—is designed to allow for a bigger battery, the screen itself needs more power to run so expect the battery life to pretty much be on an even keel with the iPhone 5.

Facial Recognition

The idea that a handset is able to tell whether its owner is holding it or not—offering a different set of features when it’s not the owner—is setting the buzz among plenty of consumers. The addition of this feature is in line with the company’s use of finger printing and other technologies geared to constantly improve mobile protection and security.

How Much will it Cost?

If reports on its size prove true, the iPhone 6 is probably going to be the first phablet to come out. Loaded with all these features, some consumers fear that this will jack up the unit’s price tag to an astronomical high, with most worrying that it could be Apple’s most expensive iPhone yet.


Apple usually rolls out its units for an annual release, so don’t expect any more phones to be introduced earlier than September of this year .

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