Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Gadget Inspired Coffins

Gadget Inspired Coffins - Apple iPhone & Microsoft Caskets

If you really can’t live without your iPhone, you might as well be buried in one. Well, not a real one, but a coffin that resembles an iPhone.

iPhone Casket

Not an Apple fan? Maybe a heart-attack after Microsoft’s Blue Screen Of Death wipes away your work before you save it will warrant a Microsoft Vista desktop wallpaper coffin.

All these alternative coffin ideas come from Creative Coffins, a company that believes in providing, “A Green solution for those who want a distinctive and practical funeral.”

Hit the gallery below for more geeky coffin ideas including Halo 3’s Master Chief and a GTA IV-inspired coffin design. I also included some designs from their “Pastime” collection which includes hobbies such as wine drinking, gambling, bowling and guitar playing.

by: trendhunter.com





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