Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Time Clock

Teach Me Time! Clock

There are these creatures in some of our houses. They eat all our food; they destroy all our stuff. And sometimes they creep into our beds at night ruining our sleep. Alas, they are our children, so we can't just call the exterminators. What we can do is teach them to tell time. Then they'll at least know when they should stay in bed and when they can get up and join the rest of the world. The Teach Me Time! clock will do that, with a few tricks up its clocky sleeve.

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It has a 5-stage, talking "game" to help your littles learn what the clock means. But also, there is a secret control panel where you can set the revolutionary "Ok to Wake" alarm. This will cause the clock to glow yellow during the night and turn green when the kids are allowed to get out of bed - making make sure you have enough alone time (or couple time) in your own bed. And when the kids get older, the clock is fully functional as a "grown up" alarm clock, complete with snooze.





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