Saturday, July 5, 2008

World's Smallest Copter

R/C Helicopter is amazingly small and stores inside its own remote. It ravenous lust for tinier and tinier flying R/C toys has been temporarily satiated by these miniscule MX-1 copters from Silverlit. We thought we had seen small R/C copters until we were flabbergasted by a helicopter so small it actually fits inside its own remote. The MX-1 is a sharp looking little copter and it has a redesigned remote with smooth slider like controls. Dock the copter in the clear bay at the bottom and charge it up at the same time. Take to the air with confidence knowing that you're piloting the smallest manmade flying device commercially available.

Smallest Copter

Due to the dynamics of the helicopter right turns are wider than left turns. If you want the MX-1 to move forward faster you can add a bit of weight to the front of the nose. Of course careful use of the trim buttons at the beginning of each flight is pretty much a necessity. Practice up on your flying skills if you hope to challenge the expert pilots at the ThinkGeek world headquarters of doom.





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