Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Finger Oximeter

Oxihealth Finger Oximeter

The Respiratory health is a vital part of long, healthy living. Regular monitoring of your heart rate and Oxyhemoglobin can help you better understand your over all health and also alert you to times when you should seek a medical professional. Chances are you’ve read about the various reports that show that heart disease and other circulatory diseases are the top causes of death in America. And chances are your doctor has used a device that looks just like the OxiHealth Finger Oximeter.

Oxihealth Finger Oximeter

The OxiHealth Finger Oximeter provides you with vital information at the touch of your finger. Every time you slip it onto your finger you will receive your pulse rate as well as a measurement of the arterial hemoglobin in your Oxyhemoglobin.

Now you can make a difference in your health. Now you can help protect yourself and take a more proactive measure to keep yourself in the best condition possible. The OxiHealth Finger Oximeter is like a biometric key to your health and vitality.





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