Saturday, September 6, 2008

Hello Kitty Action DJ Speaker

We thought we were immune to the dangerous cuteness that is Hello Kitty. For years we denied any attraction to Hello Kitty. We pretended to ignore the situation as slowly more and more items turned Kitty... from toasters to televisions, hand warmers to vibrators. After all Hello Kitty isn't geeky... right? However at the end we spotted this Hello Kitty Action DJ Speaker and were unable to resist the overwhelming cuteness any further.

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Hello Kitty in a DJ booth with a speaker in the base is a pretty cool juxtaposition of dance music and Kitty. She even bops her head back and forth with the music. Plug in your iPod or similar music playing device and observe the cuteness for yourself. If you're really looking to give in and completely "cute out" we recommend the pink version. Hey, we won't judge you... we're already there ourselves.





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