Thursday, December 4, 2008

iPod Video Goggles

Video iPods are the bee's knees, the cat's meow, and the aardvark's pajamas. You can watch video podcasts, hit TV shows, and movies stored magically on that itty bitty little device. The one drawback with this medium is the size - the actual physical size of the screen is so small, you may find yourself holding the iPod right up against your nose to see anything.

iPod Video Goggles

We've got just the thing - video goggles that plug directly into your video iPod and project a virtual 24 inch TV directly in front of you! That's right - plugged directly into your iPod - no extra cables, adapters, or bulky power-packs necessary. These goggles don't even have batteries - they draw power directly from your iPod.

Now, the new Crystal iPod Video Goggles will let you watch at double the resolution: 640 by 480, and be even more stylish than the standard version.





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